Well, it finally happened: On Wednesday morning, measurable snow fell in Central Park for the first time this winter — the latest first snowfall in New York City’s recorded weather history.

With this momentous, 0.4-inch event, the city avoided breaking another sad record on February 4: the all-time longest streak between snowless days. (The last time we saw any accumulating flakes was March 22, 2022.)

New Yorkers waking up on Wednesday were treated to a sublime and majestic sight:

Okay, it wasn’t that sublime or majestic, but at least it’s something. And in another sign of winter semi-normalcy, temperatures are actually turning cold heading into the weekend, possibly reaching single digits on Friday evening and Saturday morning. (January, along with its complete lack of snow, was also freakishly warm.)

But we’ll be back to unsettling weirdness soon enough. The forecast calls for temps in the 50s next week, and there’s no more snow anywhere in sight.