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Dancin’ Slinks

Step into the captivating world of Dancin’ Slinks the revival of Bob Fosse’s 1978 revue that aims to captivate and seduce audiences. This article explores the thrilling energy, provocative themes, and memorable performances of the show. With its signature Fosse style and a blend of new and classic elements, Dancin’ is a must-see experience that pushes the boundaries of dance and entertainment.

A Plotless Delight

Discover the allure of Dancin’ Slinks as it embraces sensuality and abandons conventional plotlines. Explore how the show mesmerizes audiences through a series of dance-based vignettes, showcasing Fosse’s signature style characterized by seductive postures, isolated movements, and an unapologetic celebration of hedonism.

Dancin’ Slinks..
Dancin’ Slinks..

Themes of Showmanship and Clowning

Uncover the thematic obsessions within Dancin’ that go beyond seduction. Dive into Fosse’s exploration of showmanship and clowning, examining how these elements add depth and variety to the revue. Witness the playful yet poignant moments that reveal the wear and tear on dancers’ bodies and the psychological toll of their art.

Director Wayne Cilento’s Creative Revival

Learn about Wayne Cilento’s directorial vision for the revival of Dancin’. Gain insights into the meticulous reconstruction process, incorporating memories of original cast members and grainy film footage. Discover how Cilento’s additions, including sequences from other Fosse works, breathe new life into the show while staying true to its essence.

The Joy of Rediscovery

Experience the joy of rediscovering Fosse’s choreography through Dancin’. Explore the cut-from-the-original “Big City Mime” sequence and its integration of iconic Fosse dances. Delight in the winking humor, unexpected juxtapositions, and lively performances that pay homage to Fosse’s legacy while adding fresh twists.

Fosse’s Psychology in Motion

Unravel the psychological insights embedded in Fosse’s work, echoed in both Dancin’ and the Fosse/Verdon TV series. Delve into the complex relationships between Fosse and his dancers, exploring themes of jealousy, approval-seeking, and the love-hate dynamic with the dancer’s body. Witness the raw emotions channeled through the captivating performances.

A Contemporary Twist

Discover how the revival of Dancin’ embraces inclusivity and updates Fosse’s choreography. Witness the intentional editing of chauvinistic elements and the diverse cast bringing fresh perspectives to iconic solos. Experience the power of pushing the body to its limits while celebrating individuality and collective talent.


Dancin’ Slinks is a mesmerizing revival that reinvigorates Fosse’s iconic revue with a contemporary twist. With its seductive allure, dazzling performances, and themes that resonate with audiences, the show captures the essence of Fosse’s legacy. From the sensual choreography to the raw emotions, Dancin’ embodies the spirit of a bygone era of Broadway while offering a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

By Chris