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Bad Cinderella might be Andrew Lloyd Webber’s baby, but it could never compare to real family. Per Playbill, Webber announced on Saturday that he will miss his latest musical’s Broadway opening because his eldest son, 43-year-old Grammy-nominated composer Nicholas Lloyd Webber, is “critically ill.” “As my friends and family know, he has been fighting gastric cancer for the last 18 months and Nick is now hospitalised,” Webber said. “I therefore have not been able to attend the recent previews of Bad Cinderella and as things stand, I will not be able to cheer on its wonderful cast, crew and orchestra on Opening Night this Thursday. We are all praying that Nick will turn the corner. He is bravely fighting with his indomitable humour, but at the moment my place is with him and the family.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Heartfelt Announcement

Discover Andrew Lloyd Webber’s poignant statement about his son’s illness and his inability to attend the previews and opening night of “Bad Cinderella.” He shares the heartbreaking news of Nicholas’ battle with gastric cancer and emphasizes his commitment to being by his son’s side during this difficult journey.

The Personal Impact on Webber

Explore the emotional toll that Nicholas’ illness has taken on Andrew Lloyd Webber. As a renowned composer and creator of “Bad Cinderella,” Webber must balance his professional commitments with his deep love and concern for his son. His decision to prioritize family over his Broadway debut showcases the strength of their bond.

Bad Cinderella, which previously ran in London in 2021 as just Cinderella, is currently scheduled to open on Broadway on March 23. In response to news of Webber’s absence, the production tweeted, “The cast and company of Bad Cinderella send their love, thoughts and prayers to Andrew and the Lloyd Webber family.”


As the Broadway debut of “Bad Cinderella” approaches, the somber news of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s absence due to his son’s illness brings a bittersweet tone to the event. The theater community rallies around the Lloyd Webber family, offering their love and support during this trying time. May Nicholas’ fight against cancer be with strength and resilience, and may Andrew find solace in being by his side.

By Chris